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♥Super Yoong♥

multishipping has never been this fun!

★Super Junior (+M) + Girls’ Generation’s YoonA★
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community for the bond between Super Junior and SNSD's YoonA
[Super Yoong] S♥Yoong
As part of the SM Town family, it's no wonder that the members of the different groups share a wonderful friendship~ but we're here to focus in one in particular. Whether you’re an ELF or a S♥NE (or both!), by now you must have noticed the close relationship that YoonA shares with the great majority of the Super Junior members. It's precisely this closeness that originated the fandom that spazzes over Super Yoong (or S♥Yoong for short)~ because she has got so many interactions with all of them, that they're enough to fill a community with nothing but spazzing over them!

So in short: the SuJu boys love her, YoonA loves them, so we love them! We love to see them interact, so we’re here to compile all the interactions we’ve seen through pictures, fancams, variety shows, performances, concerts, etc across the years!

Whether you support a specific S♥Yoong pairing, or whether you just enjoy her friendship with everyone equally, this is the place for you!

Super Junior ft YoonA
"U" MV
"Marry You" MV


★ Everything posted must be related to at least one of the SuJu boys + YoonA
★ No bashing of any kind!
★ Tag everything accordingly!
★ Big pictures must be posted under lj-cuts, or as thumbnails.
★ Long texts must be posted under lj-cuts
★ Respect the opinion of other members!


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